TechRadar: Broadband Deal & Postcode Availability API

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As the largest UK-based consumer technology reviews site,TechRadar constantly seek to expand its horizons. From its establishment in 2011, the site has rapidly evolved to incorporate all aspects of technology on its website, which gets millions of hits every month.

Since launching their mobile comparison unit in 2016, the next step for TechRadar was to expand into the world of broadband comparison.

TechRadar: Broadband Deal & Postcode Availability API Brief Image


To support this, we provided TechRadar with a Broadband Deal API, which consists of a postcode availability checker and a live feed of the latest, most competitive broadband deals on the market. TechRadar have built their own front end to plug our API into, producing a clean-looking comparison engine perfect for their tech-savvy audience.

TechRadar: Broadband Deal & Postcode Availability API Solution Image


As a result of this collaboration, broadband orders grew by 101% in the first month after launch alone. With the support of TechRadar marketing via social media and informative content, the site is continuing to grow month on month and is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you want to know more about our Broadband Deal API’s get in touch with our team here.