POP Telecom: ISP Cloud-based Sales Management & Website Solution

POP Telecom, a leading independent provider of low-cost telecommunications and one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies within the UK, needed software support to assist their online growth.


When POP Telecom initially approached us they had a dated website which lacked the software required to process sales online efficiently. Along with providing them with a redesigned website it became apparent that POP also needed their website and system to be scaleable, so that it could grow along with the business.


POP Telecom: ISP Cloud-based Sales Management & Website Solution Brief Image


With the website showing substantial growth, where orders were previously manually processed we incorporated automations to improve efficiency of the website. To support their growth, we integrated API’s and further created API’s with third parties. POP also required integration with their third-party systems to their e-commerce system.

POP Telecom: ISP Cloud-based Sales Management & Website Solution Solution Image


As a result of these changes, POP Telecom witnessed a stark growth in their online sales. By implementing automations and integrating various API’s, manual tasks have been minimised for employees.

Due to this success, we continue to work alongside POP Telecom to improve their system. By refining the back end of the website and streamlining processes, POP Telecom continue to see consistent growth.

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