Dixons Carphone: Mobile Phone Deal Builder Tool

for Dixons Carphone

The stickee team built a deal builder tool which included integration with SalesForce, and deployment on Apple iPads


Having worked with Carphone Warehouse for ten years we have built and managed a wide range of sites and applications for them. As part of their move to using SalesForce as the main CRM we were asked to build a brand new deal builder tool for their support staff to use and then integrate that into their SalesForce account.

Dixons Carphone: Mobile Phone Deal Builder Tool Brief Image


We had already built a deal builder tool for Carphone Warehouse business that powered their front end business website, enabling the public to search tariffs and build their own deals. We migrated a lot of the logic we had created for this front end into a back end application that tied in with their stock and price book systems. From here we built a step by step UI for the sales staff to use easily while on the phone which pulled in all the latest tariff information and enabled the build to comprehensive mobile phone deals with cash back, tech funds and gifts.

This was then placed within their SalesForce dashboard and integrated into the customer SalesForce accounts so that there was no need to work in two different places on one screen.

Dixons Carphone: Mobile Phone Deal Builder Tool Solution Image


The application was successfully launched and used as the first in a number of new developments for their business staff, including in store iPad applications and more enhanced tariff building tools, including a portal for their partners to connect their customers and manage their accounts.

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