NatWest Cricket: Brand Campaign Software

for NatWest

A desktop and web application for processing video, images and scores for the NatWest Virtual Reality Cricket campaign


As part of our Virtual Reality cricket game campaign with NatWest over the summer of 2017 we worked with M&C Saatchi to develop a campaign strategy for social sharing of elements of the game. We were asked to come up with ideas of how the game could reach more people beyond those playing the experience at the matches and what we could do technically to provide a wider exposure to the game and overall campaign.

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We developed a system for filming the player in the virtual cricket experience. As part of the process the camera would capture six videos (one for each of their shots in the game) and using green screen the system would superimpose the player into the virtual world.

The software then runs on a Windows PC to convert the videos into animated GIFs, suitable for emailing and social sharing, and the player’s score is overlaid on the image. The result is for every player, an animated image is uploaded to a web server, showing them playing the game and their score. Once uploaded the software then emails the image out to the user complete with social sharing options and related campaign information.

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The campaign was a massive success with three times as many people playing the game as expected. As a result the game (and campaign’s) exposure has been increased by the addition of a range of other events on top of the original schedule. Thousands of people have played the game at matches all over the country, including at Lords, Edgbaston, Old Trafford and Headingley Cricket Grounds and tens of thousands of videos have been processed.

On top of this the current England players have also played the game, setting targets for the general public to try and beat.

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