MoneySuperMarket: Pet Insurance White Label (Redesign)

for MoneySuperMarket

MoneySuperMarket is easily one of Britain’s biggest price comparison services. Their aim is to be the online destination brand which customers look to first, to save and grow their money.


Pet Insurance was launched as the third main comparison service operated by JSP (now part of stickee) in 2014. Working with MoneySuperMarket, the service compares deals from 25 different pet insurance providers for both cats and dogs. In early 2016, MoneySuperMarket approached us to overhaul the existing Pet Insurance channel. While originally the plan was to simply redesign the existing journey to make it responsive, the brief was re-done to accommodate some UX changes to bring the channel in line with the rest of the Insurance outlets operating at MoneySuperMarket.

MoneySuperMarket: Pet Insurance White Label (Redesign) Brief Image


The original development took around 3-4 months to complete, however during this period the design requirements changed due to UX improvements made on MoneySuperMarket’s core insurance channel, Car Insurance. Once these were additional changes were made, the new journey was ready to go into testing.

However, the Original journey continuously beat the Redesign in A/B experiments by a good 10-20% each time (we like to think this is due to the amazing optimisations we made to it since it first went live) so various rounds of amends had to be made until finally the Redesigned journey matched the Original in terms of overall conversion.

MoneySuperMarket: Pet Insurance White Label (Redesign) Solution Image