HTC Vive: Thunder Spheres Virtual Reality Game

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Thunder Spheres catapults you into a truly immersive and fast paced gaming experience. Battle against the clock in this unique pool playing experience using the Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive.


As part of our research and development into virtual reality games for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift we decided to build a 360 degree game that would test room scale VR and the up coming Oculus Touch controllers and sensors. This meant creating a game where you needed to be able to turn in 360 degrees and move around a small play space.

We opted to build a futuristic three dimensional version of ‘Pool’ where balls hung in the air rather than laying on a flat table and where ‘pockets’ were in the walls and ceiling above you.

HTC Vive: Thunder Spheres Virtual Reality Game Brief Image


In a non too distant future advanced in artificial gravity (or more accurately lack of it) have provided the platform to an immersive 3D pool game called Thunder Spheres. Set in three zones (Astronauts, Explorers and Circus) the game revolves around your ability to pot floating spheres into pockets in the arena around you.

You battle against the clock with a range of weapons designed to help you pot the floating spheres whilst avoiding the power downs that can hamper your progress. Choose from a gun, long bow, sling shot, mini gun, hand canons and rocket launcher to pot the spheres in ever changing environments such as a cage orbiting the planet mars, standing on a grill above lava flows, battling in a cave as a spiked ceiling slowly comes down on you, in a spinning wheel in the alps and amongst demented clowns in a revolving circus tent.

Thunder Spheres is a fully immerse virtual reality sports game like to other with exciting game play and detailed arenas to keep you on your toes.

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The resulting VR game is a fun and energetic experience where you try and pot all of the balls in each level against the clock. There are three different zones with play areas of varying difficulty. Experienced best on the HTC Vive (in our opinion) but also suitable for the Oculus Rift when using the Oculus touch controllers, the game is quite fast paced and provides you with a range of ‘weapons’ to help you best pot the balls.

The game is available from the Steam games store.

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