Sunbird: ISO Based CRM & Document Management

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Our ISO based document control management system and CRM


As part of our ISO certification process we looked to improve all our internal document management systems to meet the standards and optimise our internal processes. Part of this involved finding a suitable digital document management system online that would provide the framework we needed. We could not, though, find anything suitable that we thought met all of our requirements so opted to build our own system from the ground up.

Our new system – which we named Sunbird – needed to have specific issue and version number management of controlled documents, non conformance reports, agendas and minutes, supplier management, invoicing, proposals and a whole lot more.

Sunbird: ISO Based CRM & Document Management Brief Image


Document control is core to ISO 9001, and is common to the other management standards. Sunbird provides a bespoke document management structure that is built with ISO standards specifically in mind. This includes full issue and revision number management, version control, user permissions and classification levels. Hierarchical folder structures and easy to use search functionality enable to you effectively organise and retrieve documents and records.

The documents register is a list of all the documents you control. You’ll need one to keep track of all your management system documents and it helps you to know what needs to be reviewed. Sunbird also lets you add non controlled documents into the system should you need to keep documents in a folder that do not require controls.

To ensure that the management system and its effectiveness are reviewed planned meetings need to be had to review performance and address any issues. ISO standards say that review meetings should be held at planned intervals. These can be monthly, quarterly or annually. Sunbird enables you to create meeting Agendas and Minutes that are easily shared, reviewed and distributed.

Sunbird: ISO Based CRM & Document Management Solution Image


Sunbird has now gone through a number of iterations and has grown into a full CRM system. We have developed it now onto the Laravell framework and have included Sales Funnels, marketing information and business planning.

The system is now in development to be integrated into a range of third party applications for roll out.