Steam Game / NatWest: Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket Game

for Steam, NatWest and Fosters

For sports and cricket enthusiasts, stickee releases its Virtual cricket game 'Balls!'. Immersing users right into the game as the batsmen, the experience for the HTC Vive is available on the Steam game platform.


With the explosion of virtual reality interest in 2016 we thought it worth exploring the VR headsets that became available and creating some VR content ourselves as part of our Research and Development department. Our goal was to design, develop and release a virtual reality game to the public on the Steam games store.

For this we needed to familiarise ourselves with the hardware and Unity software, design, develop and test the game within the VR environment then register as a VR game developer on Steam. Once done we then had to create store pages, assets, promotional videos and so on to make the game available to the public.

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Because of our love of cricket we opted to build a full immersive cricket VR game. Since the HTC Vive was the most advanced of the VR headsets, as well as being the only headset (at the time of development) to have room scale movement and hand controllers, we built the game for the Vive. At this point Oculus had not launched their touch controllers and the Playstation VR was not yet available.

Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket

Balls! is a Virtual Reality Cricket Game for the HTC Vive that emerges you right in the heart of the cricketing action. You find yourself in the middle facing a variety of bowlers from fast paced seam to off spin and leg spin as you try to hit a record score and join the Honours Board.

Play against friends in this immersive environment taking it in turns to out do each others scores.

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The resulting features include:

– Village, County and International options for difficulty levels
– Slow, Medium, Fast Medium, Fast, Off Spin and Leg Spin bowling options
– In game crowd noise and reaction to shots
– Digital score board showing latest scores
– Honours board showing all time highest scores
– Separate view for friends watching on a screen that shows bowling MPH, strike rate, team total etc…
– Left and Right hand settings
– Varying speed, line and length from each bowler

A very enjoyable and realistic batting challenge for any cricket fan with more features being added all the time. The game makes use of the HTC Vive’s hand held controllers to put a realistic bat in your hands so you feel like you’re actually batting, rather than playing a computer game with a traditional controller.

View the game on the Steam store here

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