EMI: ‘Glastonbury Games’ Awareness Campaign

for EMI

To celebrate 10 years of the Glastonbury Festival, stickee were commissioned to create a viral game to promote awareness for the first DVD that documents this anniversary.


EMI Catalogue commissioned Stickee to create a viral game to promote awareness and drive pre-release orders for the first DVD celebrating the last 10 years of the Glastonbury Festival.

EMI: ‘Glastonbury Games’ Awareness Campaign Brief Image


Stickee designed and developed a targeted game inspired by comedic real experiences and our memories of the festival. In a haze of nostalgia we expanded the idea that the whole event can be a bit of an endurance into the ‘Glastonbury Games’, drawing inspiration from the 80s classic button-basher ‘Track and Field’. Simple controls require players to hammer/slide/plunge their way through 3 levels to accumulate 700+ points in order to enter a competition for exclusive VIP tickets. The game is set in a beautifully illustrated slice of Glastonbury, which acts as the main interface and provides a visual overview of all three event locations.

EMI: ‘Glastonbury Games’ Awareness Campaign Solution Image


The finished product had very high production values for the clients spend, is very addictive and resulted in many people return visits. Press coverage stated the kind words ‘Tiny animations make big impression’ and New Media Age covered the project in their pages. On top of that, and most importantly, it helped sell lots of DVDs! The viral was seeded to EMI Catalogue and Glastonbury databases. Feedback has been very positive and the site has been linked up to numerous community sites and games portals.


“stickee put an amazing amount of hard work, love and care into developing the Glastonbury Games for us. The results are fantastic and stickee should be rightly proud of what they’ve delivered: a beautifully designed, playable and engaging game that showcases the product perfectly.”

– Andy Way, Digital Media Manager, EMI Catalogue.

EMI: ‘Glastonbury Games’ Awareness Campaign Results Image