Harper Collins: ‘Every Day is Magical’ AR Campaign

for Harper Collins

This campaign for Harper Collins’ best selling author Cecelia Ahern utilised Augmented Reality to reward consumers for author loyalty whilst enhancing the Ahern brand.


Aside from a general awareness raising objective, stickee were also tasked with rewarding consumers for author loyalty and enhancing the Ahern brand with her unique genre specific tag line ‘Cecelia, making the every day magical’.


The project has been launched to coincide with the release of Ahern’s release ‘ The Book of Tomorrow’. The book features a glyph (a code) that, upon presenting to a web cam, augments a magical world onto the book’s surface. Reprints of Ahern’s post catalogue will also feature glyphs, adding further functionality and interaction to the world. Readers that have existing copies of Ahern’s non-glyph titles will be able to download the appropriate glyphs.

There are characters inhabiting the augmented world that interact with the objects around them and build relationships with each other. Every new book that is scanned adds a new object to the world that attracts more characters and allows further developments to their relationships. There are currently seven Ahern books that form the experience but the AR is designed in a sustainable way to allow the incorporation of further titles and date/event specific actions. Time of day already affects the AR with environmental and character differences.

Harper Collins: ‘Every Day is Magical’ AR Campaign Solution Image


Unlike many other companies that have used AR to apparently solve marketing objectives, we have successfully combined it with a message and narrative to encourage an emotive, engaging and meaningful brand experience.