MobileCashMate: Mobile Phone Recycling Website and Backend

A thriving brand which offers customers the chance to recycle their old or damaged phones for some cash, required a website built to serve its customers well.


MobileCashMate are a successful mobile recycling website who offer their customers the best deals on the market in exchange for their old mobile phones.

Their website already in place, MobileCashMate required our team to create and add on a “refurb” section to the existing back end.

MobileCasMate were also looking to create a workflow through the back end of their site which would allow them to refurbish and sell on devices after they purchased them from a customer.

MobileCashMate: Mobile Phone Recycling Website and Backend Brief Image


To support the team’s ambition and improve the existing system, we created the refurbishment process which now allows MobileCashMate’s staff to send newly acquired devices into refurbishment.

Rather than working independently, the new refurb section has been implemented alongside orders and products. This means that the entire process is now linked, and its efficiency has greatly increased.

MobileCashMate: Mobile Phone Recycling Website and Backend Solution Image


As a result, MobileCashMate saw a significant improvement in the efficiency of their internal processes. Consequently, they are able to keep a closer eye on purchased products. They are also able to identify opportunities for improvement to make a bigger profit.

Since the changes have been made, they have more resources available to monitor mobile parts by the stock management addition which works in tandem with the refurb process.

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