Dennis Publishing: Content Widget

We worked with Expert Reviews to help them leverage their audience to drive increased revenue and profit


Dennis Publishing, who own and operate sites such as Expert Reviews and Alphr, wanted to monetise their traffic and drive incremental revenue.

They saw an opportunity to leverage their traffic to promote broadband offers, but wanted to do so without having to develop extensive relationships with ISPs.

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We provided Dennis Publishing with a content widget which was to be inserted into broadband articles on the Expert Reviews website. Requiring almost zero development resource, it was a quick plug and play solution. Utilising our content widgets, it allowed them to begin promoting broadband offers and generating revenue, without the need to invest time or money on development. All commercial relations were taken care of as well.

We were able to provide them with this solution within one day of request.

A demo can be seen here.


After just a week of having the widget in place, we’ve seen an increase in orders that is delivering a healthy commission rate for Dennis Publishing. As a result of this success, they are looking at ways to roll the solution out across other areas of the site and their publishing network.

If you want to find out more about content widgets, speak to our talented comparison team here.

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