CBBC’s brief to us was to create a Christmas presence on their site. The concept of the project was to reflect CBBC Christmas broadcast programming and prime releases such as Chronicles of Narnia and The Brothers Grimm. The main objective of the site was to include a mechanic that would bring kids back to the site throughout the Xmas period to drive traffic to CBBC content.

At the heart of the project would be a portal microsite linking to an interactive adventure game, Christmas downloads and CBBC content.

The Magic Globe Game/Campaign site image
The Magic Globe Game/Campaign site image


We developed a strong central narrative that could encapsulate the game, portal and online content, creating a fully integrated project. The fable-like tale, ‘The Magic Globe’, followed our hero, Jacob; a small boy who gets sucked into an old snow globe, only to find another world. The story, told through five chapters, formed the basis of the interactive game, a ‘point-and-click’ adventure where Jacob must collect hidden cogs throughout four quirky levels, ultimately rejuvenating Immanuel’s magical snow-blower and bringing snow back to the land once more.

Our solution to keep kids coming back to the site throughout December, in true Christmas spirit, was to offer kids a completely original six-track ‘CBBC Christmas Album’ using the music featured within the game. The downloads were offered on the site with an advent-style release schedule. Alongside these music tracks were five audio versions of the story that were narrated by CBBC presenters. The audio stories were unlocked by collecting the cogs from within the game and other cogs that were hidden within the content pages of the microsite. Personal progress was stored on a page within the site, with the album artwork and a snowy animation on the site appearing when all the cogs had been found.

If that wasn’t enough, the character and level artwork was used to create downloadable cards, decorations, garlands, wrapping paper and an entire ‘Magic Globe’ diorama.


The site proved so successful for CBBC that they decided to re-use it the following year.

The Magic Globe Game/Campaign site image