Disney Interactive: Mercury Man Short Film & Campaign

for Disney Interactive

A campaign for an addictive puzzle based game for Disney Interactive. Each level challenges players with different obstacles, uneven surfaces and moving objects.






Disney Interactive approached stickee to create a campaign for their new game Mercury Hg. Available for download on XBLA and PSN, it challenges the gamer to try and keep a “mercury blob” intact by tilting its environment. The levels are filled with all kinds of crazy obstacles, uneven surfaces and moving objects.

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So its an addictive puzzle based game that is genuinely fun to play but unlike most games there are no characters or narrative to base a concept on…so what do we do? Well, we create our own character, back story and make a mockumentary of course! The spoof documentary excerpt follows the life of Danish born Arron Josefsen also known as Mercury Man. The four minute online film is accompanied by a 30 second teaser and other short clips.

The campaign was designed to entertain purchasers of the game by empowering them with awareness of the spoof and allowing them to send on to their friends to see if they fell for the almost unbelievable story.

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From the site…

Arron’s Dad was a hat maker in his native Denmark and used mercury extensively in his studio. The substance’s vapours, used for felting the hats, were attributed to causing disturbing physical and mental side-effects – hence the term ‘mad as a Hatter’. Arron experienced mercurialism himself first hand when, as a child, he became obsessed by the substance and ingested the liquid. Against all odds Arron survived, but was left with some incredibly strange side-effects as a result.

The Mercury Man documentary is intended to be perceived as the first episode in the series entitled ‘Weird Yet Wonderful’. Stickee has added validity to the films narrative by producing a spoof website as well as creating a mercury man Facebook page and giving Arron his own Facebook account. Users that choose to like the Mercury Man page had access to extra ‘behind the scenes’ footage that was released over the campaign duration. Users that chose to add Arron as a friend could have direct interaction with the ‘Mercury’ man himself with the humorous conversation being sent back to the referring friend.

The campaign also included some direct connectivity to the Mercury HG game through ad placement. Traffic was converted to the game without interfering with the believability of the narrative, showing as a sponsored banner within the site and as a liked page on the Facebook pages. Dialogue between Mercury Man and the ‘Mercury HG’ page owners also helps to re-affirm the story.

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