Challenges for user interface design

written by Karl Binder | April 9, 2012

As a designer of user interfaces for web and mobile software I relish the challenge of a genuinely new design problem. A couple of years ago a spoke at the Birmingham Book Festival about a collaborative book writing project I was working on. It’s been on the back burner a bit since then but I’ve […]

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Using an image as the first frame of the video with Flowplayer

written by Karl Binder | January 13, 2012

Flowplayer is a great out of the box video player you can embed on your web pages to play video files, such as FLV or avi. The website to download the various files is here: We’ve been using this with Drupal and Drupal’s file upload CCK field (on occassions where the Embedded Media Field […]

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New web features and design for Itsourmovie ‘Talent’

written by Karl Binder | May 18, 2011 is about to branch out and offer it’s online audition platform to directors and casting agents to place their castings directly on the site. This means a rework of the backend of the system to allow multiple jobs and roles to be created by approved members. It also means a rework of the interface […]

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Website Brochures – Dynamic Flash Page Flipping…

written by Karl Binder | February 25, 2010

This week we’ve been experimenting with some page flip software. We’ve started with an excellent plugin from and have been working on integrating it with a CMS. The way the plugin works is it creates a flash file from a list of images of SWF files from an XML list. So we have set […]

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Carphone Warehouse’s Connectmycar on Magento Ecommerce Website

written by Karl Binder | January 9, 2010

Ready to be launched this coming week is our new ecommerce website for Carphone Warehouse’s Car Accessories site ‘Connect My Car’. The old site was built on a now outdated Drupal 5 with OS Commerce. We had the options to upgrade to Drupal 6 with Ubercart or Magento, and between us we opted for using […]

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British Design 2010 – Website and Multimedia

written by Karl Binder |

This year we are pleased to be featured in British Design 2010 in the Design for New Media Category. Here’s some pics of the book: It was hard to know what to put in it really, so much on screen stuff loses it’s impact when limited to the 2 dimensions of static print, unlike designs […]

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Everybody wants curves…

written by Karl Binder | August 24, 2009

I’m always getting asked for curved corners. It’s easy to get sick of curved corner boxes and the like when overdone everywhere, same as the overuse of an design feature. I’ve actually had someone specify to me in the past that they wanted their new web design to be ‘web 2.0: curved corners and flash […]

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