Time lapse of a poster being created

written by Karl Binder | February 6, 2017

Creating a bespoke illustration can be a lengthy process and once its done there is not often any record of the steps that were taken to create the image. This time lapse video was recorded within the iPad app ‘Procreate’ which was used to create this cricketing batsman illustration that is used to promote our […]

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That’s a wrap!

written by Karl Binder | October 15, 2016

This week we’ve been up to our necks in camera gear, lamps and cables as we welcomed the fine folks at for a few days filming for our new company video. Filmed over two days the video will show case exactly what happens behind the scenes in the stickee studios with interviews from the […]

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Filming week done and dusted

written by Karl Binder |

Big thanks for the folks at for taking care of us and filming the studios for our new company videos this week. We’re very excited to see what comes out of it with Media Dog creating a set of promotional company videos that explain all of the things we do here, including our comparison […]

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Augmented Reality

written by Karl Binder | March 7, 2012

This quick video was just our little in house joke around the topic of Augmented Reality ‘being knocked up in a day’. AR is an interesting subject but yet to really grab the attention of the masses. I’ve seen some pretty interesting mobile apps and other applications for it, but feel it’s still very much […]

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Using an image as the first frame of the video with Flowplayer

written by Karl Binder | January 13, 2012

Flowplayer is a great out of the box video player you can embed on your web pages to play video files, such as FLV or avi. The website to download the various files is here: We’ve been using this with Drupal and Drupal’s file upload CCK field (on occassions where the Embedded Media Field […]

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Promo for Media Circus 2

written by Karl Binder | June 3, 2011

Below is our short promo for the showcase for 2011’s Media Circus The first two days of the showcase are on tuesday 7th and wednesday 8th June at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth. The exhibition is open during 10am to 6pm both days in Fazeley Ikon. The second half of the Media Circus will be held […]

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Web Video of the Media Circus in Birmingham

written by Karl Binder | December 19, 2010

A short video put together by Gavin from Media Dog of the night of the Media Circus event we ran at Fazeley Studios back at the end of October this year: Media Circus 2010 from Karl Binder on Vimeo. Please feel free to share this with whoever! The website that spawned the event is still […]

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Flirting Club Trailer – Film made by auditioning on our website

written by Karl Binder | May 17, 2010

The following trailer is for the finished movie made from the project. Due to be released in selected cinemas and on DVD shortly.

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Christmas at Kerrang radio

written by Karl Binder | February 12, 2009

This video was filmed at Creative Republic’s christmas party at Kerrang radio in Birmingham by Mediadog and Adhere.

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Adhere (old) Showreel Video

written by Karl Binder | January 14, 2009

This is an old showreel video displaying some examples of our work from 2009.  

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