Carphone Warehouse Business rebranded website

written by Momena Ibrahim | February 2, 2017

We are delighted to announce the release of the rebranded Carphone Warehouse Business website. The newly released website showcases a fresh and modernised site to support the growth of the thriving business. After working with the leading mobile retailers since 2007, the team at stickee were excited to assist the company’s desire to refresh their […]

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Like it or not, people are looking at your website on a mobile

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | January 30, 2017

So, you went and made a website. Congratulations! We bet it looks amazing on your office desktop – but really, what matters is that it looks amazing to your customers. And there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be using a smartphone to browse your site, what with the year being 2017 and all. If your […]

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Carphone Warehouse Business Mobiles Rebrand

written by Karl Binder | October 1, 2013

As part of Carphone Warehouse’s launch of their smart comparison offering we’ve worked on a rebrand of the Carphone Warehouse business mobiles website. This includes a new ‘upload your bill’ feature that enables business users to upload their existing mobile phone bill and the CPW business team will look at their usage and find the […]

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Book Festival iPhone App Available in the App Store

written by Karl Binder | September 7, 2012

Adhere’s Birmingham Book Festival iPhone App is now available to download for free from the iTunes App sotre. The app contains event and news information about the 2012 Birmingham Book festival, as well as locations, photos and where to buy tickets.

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Restricting Orientation on Apps built in Titanium Appcelerator

written by Karl Binder | April 10, 2012

If you are using Titanium Appcelerator to developer applications for mobile devices you may want to restrict which Orientations the app is allowed to use on your devices. This is a fairly simple process and requires you adding some code into your app’s tiapp.xml file. For IOS The example below allows portrait only on the […]

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Using Titanium Appcelerator

written by Karl Binder | April 4, 2012

For a recent project we have given Titanium’s Appcelerator a go to build an iPhone and android application for Birmingham Book Festival. This was because it was a fairly simple mobile app designed to integrate with WordPress so that the Book Festival could manage up to date content from their existing WordPress website. The app […]

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AR. A reality check for iphone apps

written by Karl Binder | May 31, 2011

With the upcoming Media Circus technology showcase in Birmingham looming I’ve decided to get started looking at the Augmented Reality Apps available currently for the iPhone. As impressive as AR looks I’m yet to be convinced of it’s general everyday usage and it’s obvious future. Although I will concede it’s very cool. So this week […]

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