Book Festival iPhone App Available in the App Store

written by Karl Binder | September 7, 2012

Adhere’s Birmingham Book Festival iPhone App is now available to download for free from the iTunes App sotre. The app contains event and news information about the 2012 Birmingham Book festival, as well as locations, photos and where to buy tickets.

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Restricting Orientation on Apps built in Titanium Appcelerator

written by Karl Binder | April 10, 2012

If you are using Titanium Appcelerator to developer applications for mobile devices you may want to restrict which Orientations the app is allowed to use on your devices. This is a fairly simple process and requires you adding some code into your app’s tiapp.xml file. For IOS The example below allows portrait only on the […]

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Challenges for user interface design

written by Karl Binder | April 9, 2012

As a designer of user interfaces for web and mobile software I relish the challenge of a genuinely new design problem. A couple of years ago a spoke at the Birmingham Book Festival about a collaborative book writing project I was working on. It’s been on the back burner a bit since then but I’ve […]

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Xcode – inserting CSS and Javascript into a UIWebView

written by Karl Binder | January 26, 2012

Whilst creating an iPhone application recently we had a need to be able to insert out own custom stylesheet and javascript, or jquery into certain web pages loaded within a UIWebView within the application. We did it in the webViewDidFinishLoad section of the ViewController.m file: [CSSWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@”var script = document.createElement(‘script’);” “script.type = ‘text/javascript’;” “script.src = […]

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Inter Car Cleaning Software Development

written by Karl Binder | February 23, 2010

We’re currently working on a rebrand, website and software application for ICC, Inter Car Cleaning. This includes a piece of offline/online software that can be used to book and log car wash and valet services across multiple locations. The bookings are entered into a machine on location which then syncs up to a central system […]

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