BBC Worldwide commissioned stickee to create an online interactive that would increase awareness of the Supervolcano docu-drama and provide additional content by expanding the main concepts introduced in the program.

The main requirements were that the interactive should not be too ‘game-like’ and suitable for the primary target audience of older children (12-15) and adults aged between 29 and 45.

BBC Science and Nature, Super Volcano image
BBC Science and Nature, Super Volcano image


Following some intensive research the main task was to simplify an incredibly complex scenario into 3 main issues: communication, transportation and emergency services. The strategy interactive places the user in the position of head of the Emergency Management Agency for the fictional Bluebear County. The player must then manage public awareness, organise traffic flows, identify hazard zones and establish refuge camps for evacuees within 6 minutes before the scenario plays through and the volcano erupts!

After a minor programming odyssey and many late nights we produced a sophisticated game engine to handle the complex interactions of the disaster scenario. Game performances are stored locally on the users computer in the form of a volcanic history of the Bluebear County area, and a comprehensive instructions section provides animated guides and a detailed introduction into the main volcanic concepts and processes.


The final interactive successfully extends the programme experience by combining great design with engaging gameplay. The combination of an intuitive interface and ambient details such as the news ticker help create an engaging user experience.