Mobile Apps

Our developers and designers have considerable experience working with Apple iOS, Android and cloud based apps that meet a wide range of requirements.

Software is constantly evolving

At stickee, we’ve been in the industry long enough to see software applications evolve from being something people installed from a CD-ROM, to becoming web-based, mobile apps that can be used on the move, wherever you are.

Want an iPhone (iOS) App, an Android App, a browser-based app, or all of those? We can help!

Our teams have substantial experience designing and building cross-platform, mobile and tablet apps, that are powered by the cloud. Creating an app is more than just about being able to build it. An app must be designed, engineered and architected in a way that is most suited to the project and brief. Only then can the build take place. Our long-standing experience allows us to deliver on these pre-requisites, so that the best outcome can be achieved for those we work with.

More than just your development partner

We prefer to lend our expertise long before the build begins. We’re more than happy to help in creating the app specification, scoping out requirements, and conducting viability tests. We’re also happy to listen to your ideas and offer our opinions, well before you are a client.

Our teams are not restricted to a single, particular technology or platform. Instead, we approach each brief with the question “what best suits this client and their need for this app?” We employ our deep knowledge and experience in order to choose the best solution for you. Whether that is using tried and tested technologies, or leading with the latest, cutting-edge that your software and apps may demand.

We can deliver great applications that suit the required functionality, need, business case, strategy, and target audience. Our teams deliver enterprise-level quality to a standard suitable for even the largest and most demanding clients.

Security & standards

Great emphasis is placed on security. Our software engineers use proper encryption, hardened infrastructure, and other best practices, surpassing recommended industry standards. Our ongoing support services also ensure that timely updates take place, to patch vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.

All work is conducted to ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards. Adhering to these standards allow our clients to be confident that we operate in a way that is a cut above the rest. Ongoing audits mean that our work and way of operating is regularly tested for compliance.

Get in touch with us if there is an app that you’d like to discuss with us. You’re always welcome to pop in for a visit and a chat.