Lookup by Postcode

Our Broadband Availability Checker allows your staff or users to see what broadband providers supply their services in a given area. Other information it returns includes: How many miles is a property from an exchange? What sort of speed might that property expect?

Broadband Exchange Checker Uses

A number of our partners use our broadband exchange checker in order to determine which internet service providers are available in any given area.

The tool is especially useful as a fibre broadband availability checker, as it rules out whether ISPs such as Virgin Media, are available in a selected postcode. This can improve conversion rates for broadband deals when used in conjunction with our Broadband Deal API.

99% Accuracy*

We get all of our data straight from all the main internet service providers, including BT, Virgin Media and Sky, updating postcode data regularly. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our postcode availability checker which rivals the likes of Sam Knows.  

API Access

Being able to hook this information into your website and systems is invaluable. Our Broadband Availability Checker offers API access so you can use the data quickly, effectively, and without hindering your visitor’s journey. API responses are returned in either an XML or JSON format.


Please Contact Us to gain access to our availability checker service.

Don’t forget…

Many of our customers are also interested in our Broadband Speed Checker, which is often used prior to, or in conjunction with a postcode lookup.


*We do not promise to be 100% accurate due to the number of postcodes added every day. However we aim to update our postcode data as soon as we receive it from internet service providers.