Why use a Broadband Speed Checker?

Offering your website users a broadband speed checker service is a great way to add value. It provides them useful information, can improve conversion rates on your call to action (eg. switch provider), and enhances your proposition. The chances of your visitors switching broadband provider can be greatly increased by offering this as a free service. It gives them a reality check of what their current ISP is providing, and can encourage a switch.

How does it work

It is as simple as pasting a few lines of code onto your website. Installation is quick, easy, and gives a responsive service which can be embedded into many sites.

Try out our demo below to see how it works.

How is the service used?

Users can simply click one button to start a broadband speed check, which measures both upload and download speeds of their current broadband connection.

Many of our customers use this in conjunction with our broadband deal widget to encourage users to switch providers based on their broadband speeds.

To obtain access to our speed checking service, please contact us.