Magpie’s tailored approach enables us to report competitor pricing data in the most suitable way for you and your business departments to use daily.

  • Collect thousands of prices every single day
  • Focus on what’s recently changed
  • Proactive alerts of pricing and offer changes
  • Save time trawling multiple competitor websites

Historical Trends

Prices are collected daily so historical prices for each competitor and for each product can be viewed in graph format as well as exported to CSV. Historical graphs show prices day by day or monthly. Historical prices can be used to see trends in prices or compare against sales for a particular time period to see what the market was doing at that time.

Focus on the important stuff

Magpie makes monitoring competitor and comparison website price and offer changes quick and easy. It does all the data collection and comparison work for you, leaving you time to formulate your pricing strategy and marketing campaigns.

Email notifications

Daily proactive email alerts provide notifications to your various teams on what has changed in the market, saving you time trawling multiple websites every day to look for changes on your competitors’ sites leaving you more time to evaluate the data and plan your strategies.

24/7 reporting

A wide selection of reporting screens, data exports and an API provide your competitor price data in a variety of forms for you to use for executive summaries, day to day trading or even in a public forum.

Data is kept up to date, collected either once or twice a day, seven days a week and the reporting system and API are available 24 hours a day through secure authentication.

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