GoCompare: Pet Insurance comparison service

for GoCompare.com


Just before Easter 2019, GoCompare.com approached stickee with a brief to redevelop and relaunch its pet insurance aggregation service, which it was managing in-house. 

With a deadline of six weeks and the objective to get an IDD-compliant site live with integrated insurance companies, these were the sorts of conditions that stickee thrive under.

GoCompare: Pet Insurance comparison service Brief Image


The project was broken down into multiple streams, with frontend and backend development teams working side-by-side on the development of the site, the data team ensuring tagging, dashboarding and other reporting objectives were met, while compliance and commercial teams worked closely with their counterparts at GoCompare.com on the delivery of a service with a full panel that would meet regulation requirements.

Project Management ensured coordinated delivery and first class communication across the different teams and stakeholders at stickee and GoCompare.

The biggest challenge facing the team was integrating a full panel of insurance providers so that users had enough products and prices to compare when the site went live. Coordinating teams at large and small insurance companies, and finding time in their defined and tight schedules to integrate, test and sign off the service was no mean feat. But pull it off we did and then some.

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On May 23, deadline day, stickee launched GoCompare’s new compliant Pet Insurance comparison journey, meeting our targets with integrated brands. In the weeks following its launch, we have continued to integrate brands into the panel, optimise the customer journey further as well as manage its performance.

And you don’t need to just take our word for it. Here’s what GoCompare had to say about the project:

It’s been a pleasure working with Stickee. With a challenging timescale, their team managed the build and launch of our new Pet Insurance site with a structured yet flexible approach. Professional and knowledgeable throughout, they met deadlines and ensured we hit all business objectives.” – Matt Sanders, Business Development Director, GoCo Group.

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