Jackdaw: SEO, PPC & Web Intelligence Tracking Software

A cloud application for monitoring your online activity


Jackdaw was conceived initially as an aid to reporting for our SEO clients. The tool was designed to look for changes in search engine ranking for your website for a wide range of suitable keywords, and it would then generate proactive email alerts and reports to let you know how you were doing.

We decided we wanted to take this one step further and build a modular cloud application that would cover a wider range of topics such as PPC Advertising, social sentiment, new alerts and website health.

Jackdaw: SEO, PPC & Web Intelligence Tracking Software Brief Image


We built Jackdaw in PHP with a MySQL database to function as a 24/7 accessible cloud software application. It was built with a core user management system around which sat a range of modular features. These features all combined to provide a single timeline on your main dashboard that alerted you to any relevant activity for your website or your competitors’ sites.

The system included monitoring and reports for:

  • Organic search engine positions
  • PPC Adverts
  • Social Media channels and social sentiment
  • Industry News Alerts
  • Custom data imports
  • Website traffic
  • Website health and response times
  • Email newsletters
Jackdaw: SEO, PPC & Web Intelligence Tracking Software Solution Image


Jackdaw was launched an used internally for a number of clients to provide business intelligence and alerts. More recently we have stopped supporting the application as many of its features have now been superceded by newer features in our core Magpie application.

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