Our Solution

Convert delivers a set of flexible tools to supercharge partner management while maintaining performance visibility of other channels, all in a single platform

Real-time Insight

Convert tracks multiple events across devices and apps, providing granular visibility to fuel your partner management initiatives. Flexible integration and metric collection based on the needs of your business ensure you have the right insight to make the right decision.

Flexible Commissions

Set and automate multi-level level commission structures to suit any commercial agreement. From product led commissions to conditional bonuses and tenancies, Convert removes the manual need to track, report and invoice these to your partners.

Tools that matter

Access tools that matter to your business, like the the insurance funnel manager, to pinpoint sales opportunities across partners

Paths to conversion

Drill down into the paths that lead to conversion and reward commissions appropriately with our conversion path analysis tools, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity


Easily set up and distribute payments to partners through Convert, with detailed sales data providing everything a finance team need

Granular Audits

Access multiple data points via Convert or through our export API, providing various routes to access performance data to support various infrastructures

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