All You Need To Know: White Labels & Widgets

White Label Widget

What is a White Label?

A White Label is effectively a ready made website that you can skin with your own company branding, including colours, logos and fonts.

We offer a mobile phone comparison and a broadband comparison White Label ready for you to promote, right away, with no technical knowledge required.

What is a Widget?

Our Widgets are essentially miniature comparison tables that you can embed into any page on your existing website.

White Label vs Widget

So which should you opt for, a White Label or a Widget?

Aesthetically, both are the same. But whether you go for a White Label or Widget depends largely on how you are planning to market your site.


The Benefits of  a White Label 

  • Ready made site which you can market from the get go
  • Great for marketing via social media/paid search


Mobile White Label Demo           Broadband White Label Demo


The Benefits of a Widget 

  • Requires a simple integration into your existing site before you can start making money
  • Ideal for organic marketing as you can embed the widget within your site’s existing content
  • On brand: As the Widget will sit within your site, your pages will retain your site’s headers and footers


Mobile Widget Demo           Broadband Widget Label Demo


What Can I Earn?


Mobile Pay Monthly Validated Sale £20
SIM Only Validated Sale £5
Broadband Validated Sale £25


What Next?

  • Let us know you’re interested and we will raise an invoice
  • Tell us what colours, fonts and logos you would like to add to customise your White Label/Widget
  • We will deliver your White Label/Widget plus all the integration documentation (if required) within 1 week
  • Our team will update all the mobiles and broadband deals on a regular basis so you don’t have to do anything


Over to You!

  • Our team will keep you updated with the latest new deals on a regular basis to help you tailor your marketing for your customers
  • You can watch your orders roll in within your own reporting dashboard


Get in touch with our team here and begin setting up your White Label or Widget.