What is a White Label?

A White Label is effectively a ready made website that you can skin with your own company branding; including colours, logos and fonts.

We offer mobile phone comparison and broadband, TV and home phone comparison White Labels ready for you to integrate and promote right away, with no technical knowledge required.

What is a Widget?

Our Widgets are essentially miniature comparison tables that you can embed into any page on your existing website.

White Label vs Widget

So which should you opt for, a White Label or a Widget?

Aesthetically, both are the same. But whether you go for a White Label or Widget depends largely on how you are planning to market your site.

The Benefits of  a White Label 

  • Ready made site which you can market from the get go
  • Great for marketing via social media/paid search

Mobile White Label Demo           Broadband White Label Demo

The Benefits of a Widget 

  • Requires a simple integration into your existing site before you can start making money
  • Ideal for organic marketing as you can embed the widget within your site’s existing content
  • On brand: As the Widget will sit within your site, your pages will retain your site’s headers and footers
  • Retain equity: the value you build in that page, whether from links or SEO will be retained in your site

Mobile Widget Demo           Broadband Widget Label Demo

What Can I Earn?

You will earn a percentage of every sale made after someone clicks through from your white label or widget.

Commissions vary depending on the provider and the product sold. However these tend to be in the region of £25 for a broadband sale, £20 for a mobile phone sale and £5 for a SIM Only sale.

Contact us for more information on commissions and how the payment process works.

What Next?

  • Let us know you’re interested and we will talk you through the process of getting set up, including costs
  • When setup fees have been paid, simply tell us what colours, fonts and logos you would like to add to customise your White Label/Widget
  • We will deliver your White Label/Widget plus all the integration documentation (if required) within 1 week
  • Our team will update all the mobiles and broadband deals on a regular basis so you don’t have to do anything

Over to You!

  • Our team will keep you updated with the latest new deals on a regular basis to help you tailor your marketing for your customers
  • You can watch your orders roll in within your own reporting dashboard

Get in touch with our team here and begin setting up your White Label or Widget.