Custom Comparison Solutions

Sometimes, our out-of-the-box white label and widget solutions are unsuitable due to our partners’ size, nature or their requirement for something different. That’s where a custom solution can help. Whilst our data feeds offer full flexibility, we regularly meet companies who do not have the time or resources to build their own technology solutions. In almost every instance, we’re able to help.

Whatever your needs

As well as providing our off-the-shelf solutions, we’ve also got a proven track record of working with large, enterprise clients who have significant demands or intricate requirements. These clients typically need something that’s geared for millions of users a month. We’ve also worked with smaller clients who need greater flexibility than White Labels can offer, and who have a unique proposition that makes a partnership viable.

Custom white label solutions

We’ve worked with some of the largest comparison sites in the UK to build solutions that are tailor made to them. We operate completely behind the scenes and typically work on a revenue share of any commissions generated. By approaching it this way, we’re forming a partnership that allows both parties to benefit, and to earn based on mutual performance.

Flexible scope

We can increase or decrease the scope and remit you’d like us to take on as part of any partnership. We typically provide an end-to-end solution that includes commercial set up and negotiation, technical development, commission collection, and more. However, if you’d like a fraction of this, or want even more from us, anything can be arranged.

In it for the long haul

We’re in it for the long haul, and we’re looking for partners who share the same mindset. We’re not interested in dropping solutions on our partners’ laps, and leaving it with them. We’re committed to evolving and developing our service and relationship, as your customers and your business needs change. We want to work with ambitious partners who want to grow new channels and opportunities into long term, profitable ventures.

Anything is possible

We’re here to design, develop and build whatever comparison solutions you need. We’ve established our expertise and knowledge over many years, demonstrated and proven by the partnerships we have formed. If you have any affiliate, performance or comparison-based marketing requirements, talk to us about them. Test and challenge us! Nothing is too difficult. Our experience will be invaluable in whatever project you have in mind.

Customised reporting

We handle all of the tracking and reporting in a uniform and consistent way for our white label, widget and data feed partners. This information is presented via our reporting suite. All clients who take a custom comparison solution from us will automatically receive this same level of access, giving them complete visibility over performance.

However, we understand that even greater visibility and clarity is important, especially when dealing with significant volume or a niche audience. More often that not, we find our bespoke comparison solution partners have increased reporting requirements. All of this can be discussed, planned and delivered as part of the final solution.

Large user bases, closed user groups, enterprise clients

We’re keen to work with anyone who has access to a large closed user group or user base. We can help you monetise your traffic and generate revenue and profit from your digital assets. Contact us, we’d be delighted to listen to you.

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Startups, small to medium closed user groups, SMEs

If you have an opportunity that you’d like to discuss with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

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