Opera, meerkats and Skeletor

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | March 29, 2017

Comparison websites’ adverts are a bit like Marmite – you either love them and consider yourself to be sooooo MoneySuperMarket, or you hate them and everything meerkats stand for… Man, that’s a lot of British cultural references in one opening line. We’ve lost the Americans already. But whether you like them or not, these adverts […]

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5 SEO myths

5 SEO myths that need debunking in 2017

written by Matt Chan | March 7, 2017

SEO is important. I know it, you know it, your pet goldfish knows it. So, there’s no need to lecture you on the crucialness of SEO because you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. However, what you might not be aware of is the deceitful myths bouncing around the technosphere regarding SEO. If you believe […]

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How to select a web development agency

8 tips for choosing a web development agency

written by Damian Carvill | February 24, 2017

Three years ago, I had an extension built on the back of my house. I went through the usual process of getting quotes from a selection of builders and then chose one that was competitive and who I liked. Easy peasy lemonade. But everyone I knew who had gone through the same process told me […]

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Analytics Google Tag Manager

Analytics for multiple store fronts with Google Tag Manager

written by Ben Pusey | February 16, 2017

One of the services we offer here at stickee is a white label mobile phone comparison service. We are in the process of rebuilding and modernising this service so that all the websites can run on one back end and off of a single code base. That means, multiple websites will need to run on […]

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Let’s talk about UX and UI

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | February 15, 2017

Interface design matters. A lot. A user-friendly, visually pleasing and responsive website will generate more traffic, and retain interest and customers, than a badly designed one. That’s just common sense! User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are often used interchangeably, however they represent different aspects of website design. UX describes ‘the process of development […]

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How to select a web development agency

The strength of your domain name

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | February 14, 2017

Picking a domain name for your new website is both exciting and terrifying. A bit like picking a name for your first born. What if they get bullied? Is there a potential nickname you haven’t thought of? Do the initials spell out something rude? Children have at least one advantage over website URLs: you don’t […]

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Migrating properties in google analytics

written by Ben Pusey | February 8, 2017

I’ve been using Analytics in one way or another for 10 years now. In that time new features have been added at such a rate that keeping up has been a job in itself. You may well have missed this one, I did. But back in September Google added a feature I’d long since given […]

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RnD Update for February 2017

written by Karl Binder | February 6, 2017

So now 2017 is bedded in and more than just a hangover from Christmas and New Year we can take a deep breath and consider, just for a minute, what we’re up to here in our Research and Development wing of stickee. So then, 2017 started with the launch of the new brand and new […]

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you're not always your customers first choice

You’re not always your customers’ first choice

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent |

Loyalty is dead and buried. British consumers are switching banks, energy suppliers, broadband, TV and insurance providers, more and more often – and the main driving factor is price. These super-savvy consumers are ruthless, and they’ll stop at nothing to save a few pounds, which is why price comparison websites like and have […]

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Time lapse of a poster being created

written by Karl Binder |

Creating a bespoke illustration can be a lengthy process and once its done there is not often any record of the steps that were taken to create the image. This time lapse video was recorded within the iPad app ‘Procreate’ which was used to create this cricketing batsman illustration that is used to promote our […]

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wordpress vs drupal 2017

WordPress vs Drupal in 2017

written by Laurie Calcutt | February 2, 2017

The battle between the content management systems will hit fever pitch in 2017, or will at least mildly heat up as much as a CMS battle can. The two most popular systems are undoubtedly WordPress and Drupal. But which one will take number one spot this year, and which should you be using for your […]

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cookies online privacy

Crumbs! Are we still talking about cookies?

written by Laurie Calcutt | February 1, 2017

Mmm cookies! When you sweet-toothed people have finished salivating over the thought of what is a rich man’s biscuit, you might want to take some time to learn about the cookies found on the internet’s webpages. What’s a cookie? Cookies are a form of memory storage used by web pages and contain personal information supplied […]

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4 reasons why mobile optimisation matters

Like it or not, people are looking at your website on a mobile

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | January 30, 2017

So, you went and made a website. Congratulations! We bet it looks amazing on your office desktop – but really, what matters is that it looks amazing to your customers. And there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be using a smartphone to browse your site, what with the year being 2017 and all. If your […]

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Lose yourself – in the music, the moment, but mostly in virtual reality

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | January 27, 2017

At stickee, we love a bit of VR. And not just for playing cricket… We’re also pretty into our horror games. Virtual reality technology can be applied to almost anything – from gaming and entertainment to education and even medical training, and 2017 is set to be the year it finally goes HUGE! Strap on […]

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Looking back at 2016

written by Karl Binder | January 5, 2017

I tend to prefer looking forward and concentrating on what we’re now doing or going to do, but it doesn’t hurt from time to time to have a quick cup of tea and take a look back at the previous year. Although 2016 seems to be generally accepted as being a bit of a crappy […]

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stickee result of JustSayPlease and Adhere merger

written by Karl Binder | December 21, 2016

stickee is the result of a merger between Just Say Please and Adhere. Adhere was already the majority owner of Digital Creative Agency ‘stickee’ (formed by Director Stephen Gray in 2001) and has decided to adopt the stickee brand to cover the entire wider business. Just Say Please is currently a leading force in comparison and […]

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David wins Graduate Developer of the Year

written by Karl Binder | November 5, 2016

This week we were delighted to hear that our very own David Nestoruk had been shortlisted for Graduate Developer of the year, then we were even more delighted when he went and won it at the Silicon Canal Birmingham Tech awards in Digbeth. David joined us as a developer in the summer and has since […]

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Online and Digital Summit 2016 – London 13th/14th October

written by Korash Sanjideh | October 18, 2016

Stickee showcased a new arcade version of Balls! Cricket at the Online and Digital Summit last week with our Camden based hardware partners Virtually Reality. The event, organised by IDG (The Institute of Certificated Grocers) seen major retail brands come together to discuss the future of retail, and how new digital tools are assisting in […]

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That’s a wrap!

written by Karl Binder | October 15, 2016

This week we’ve been up to our necks in camera gear, lamps and cables as we welcomed the fine folks at for a few days filming for our new company video. Filmed over two days the video will show case exactly what happens behind the scenes in the stickee studios with interviews from the […]

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Filming week done and dusted

written by Karl Binder |

Big thanks for the folks at for taking care of us and filming the studios for our new company videos this week. We’re very excited to see what comes out of it with Media Dog creating a set of promotional company videos that explain all of the things we do here, including our comparison […]

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