Meet Our Team

Meet our Senior Management Team, they're a good bunch! With many years of experience across a wide range of sectors and industries, and an energy and drive to ensure we deliver only the very best for our clients, we all feel the business is in good and capable hands.

Iain Brear


Karl Binder


Damian Carvill

Comparison Director

Ed Genochio

Director of Software


This team of a dozen or so people, each specialise in their field of work: software engineers, designers, project managers and more. With an A Team like this, we're primed to deliver the very best engaging software and experiences for our clients and friends.

James Nestoruk


Rehan Aslam

Web Developer

Elliot Davis


Ryan Bibb

Web Designer

Andy Koni

Client Services Manager

Momena Ibrahim

Client Services Manager

Greg Pinnington

Head of Technology

David Nestoruk


Abbid Meghjee

Senior Web Developer

Babatunde Akinse


Paul Tibbetts


Ben Wilbrew


Sophie Hancox

Account Manager


Our Comparison Team work hard to keep both our partners (who use our technology) and our retailers (who sell via comparison sites) happy. With years of experience, some of them being industry pioneers, we couldn't be more proud to have them all on board.

Damian Carvill

Comparison Director

Ketan Thanki

Head of Performance Marketing

Craig Mitchell

Provider Manager

Nick Feldman

Head of Insurance

Kristina Christova

Data Analyst

Mike Wilson

Commercial Director


Our love for designing, engineering and building software is all made possible with this team of superstars! They're a tight-knit group who thrive as a team and who take an innovative approach to their work. Nothing is too much to ask with their 'can-do' attitude.

Ed Genochio

Director of Software

Mark Shercliff

Senior Software Developer

George Nemes

Front End Developer

Rafael Callegari


Richard Warner

Data Integrity Analyst

Joshua Small


Peter Hughes


Deivdas Gribe


Sam Weekes


Shivam Paw


Nick Hutchins


Antons Lebedjko


R&D and IT Team

Our R&D Team are responsible for bringing to life, the blue sky ideas that everyone at stickee are encouraged to share. You should see some of the things they've done! Our IT Team also sit amongst these masterminds, keeping our infrastructure running optimally for both our clients and ourselves.

Darren Ithell

Product Innovation Director

Karl Binder


Shahzad A. Fayyaz

Jr. System Administrator

Gerjohn van den Bosch

AR/VR Developer

Sales and Marketing

We're the folk who are writing this web site copy, so of course it's going to be all praise here! As a team, we ensure that stickee is being seen, heard and talked about, and that we make lots of new friends (clients) as a result.

Karl Binder


Jody Wells-Richardson

Digital Account Executive

Ann-Marie Flanagan

Content Marketing Executive

Katie Stokes

Content Executive

David Canham

Digital Marketing Executive


Our Finance Team count the pennies and make sure we are all remunerated for our work. Indeed, we love them for that. As a technology company however, we need to (and also like to) spend money on new tech, toys and gadgets. Disappointingly, they sometimes say no, but we're ecstatic when they say yes!

Kiran Rai

Management Accountant

Sue Byrane

Finance Assistant