5 SEO myths

5 SEO myths that need debunking in 2017

written by Matt Chan | March 7, 2017

SEO is important. I know it, you know it, your pet goldfish knows it. So, there’s no need to lecture you on the crucialness of SEO because you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. However, what you might not be aware of is the deceitful myths bouncing around the technosphere regarding SEO. If you believe […]

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Lose yourself – in the music, the moment, but mostly in virtual reality

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | January 27, 2017

At stickee, we love a bit of VR. And not just for playing cricket… We’re also pretty into our horror games. Virtual reality technology can be applied to almost anything – from gaming and entertainment to education and even medical training, and 2017 is set to be the year it finally goes HUGE! Strap on […]

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Helping you understand digital and making it work for you

written by rob | September 6, 2012

Whether you’re an established business or an emerging brand we can help you achieve your objectives. Digital at its best is effective and intuitive. Our job is to make sure it’s harnessed in the most appropriate way for your business. This includes: SEM & SEO Driving targeted traffic to your site, increasing conversions and ROI […]

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Why I’ll watch any old crap

written by Karl Binder | April 13, 2012

I’m often in arguments with a friend, who we’ll call Rob S, no wait, R Shaw, about online video. My friend is a top video producer, he owns a very good video production company that produces High quality video content in HD, broadcast quality and so on. We’ve had many discussions about how best to […]

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Like me, like me, like me. I’m an interesting person, no really I am

written by Karl Binder |

If you heard something on the news, say for example that Paris was dimming its street lights to save energy, would you shout that snippet of information out at a party, proclaim yourself a leading expert on energy conservation and request social and global coverage for your ability to listen and repeat? Imagine the conversation: […]

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10 tips for using Twitter for your business

written by Karl Binder | June 1, 2011

1. Research before customer engagement Know how your customers use Twitter. What are our customers saying about you or your industry? What can you add to the conversation to be heard and respected? 2. Identify your ‘Twitter Goals’ Build an audience to share your blog posts/offers/competitions Increase brand awareness Develop an archive of tweets available […]

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6 quick tips to corporate blogging

written by Karl Binder |

1. Encourage user interaction… Ask/Pose more questions in posts – This will encourage user interaction. Respond to comments – Engage in dialogue to help stimulate conversation. Setup automated alerts to the authors for when a comment is added to their post and respond to comment within 24 hours. Automatically flag up new posts on Facebook […]

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It’s Our Movie

written by Karl Binder | March 18, 2011

Itsourmovie is a completely new idea in film. You get the chance to star in a cinema release feature film. The film is of an award winning script, and will be shot by the Academy Award nominated director Alex Jovy. Website design, Social media integration, online video, voting, drupal CMS, user accounts, animation, illustration.

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Sharing Drupal web pages on Facebook

written by Karl Binder | July 10, 2010

Currently I’m using a couple of community based websites and am looking to add into the node creation flow in Drupal an option to share a node you have just created on Facebook. The process would be Create node > Node (add) form Submit Share to Facebook (popup window) View node I’ve looked into downloading […]

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My Dad’s on Twitter (but he doesn’t know why)

written by Karl Binder | June 21, 2010

We organised and ran this social media debating event as part of Fazeley Digital at Fazeley Studios. This brought together people working in Birmingham interested in making the most of social media tools and we discussed via a four person expert panel and a large ‘wall’ to write onto, the pros and cons of social […]

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