Like it or not, people are looking at your website on a mobile

written by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent | January 30, 2017

So, you went and made a website. Congratulations! We bet it looks amazing on your office desktop – but really, what matters is that it looks amazing to your customers. And there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be using a smartphone to browse your site, what with the year being 2017 and all. If your […]

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What Exactly Is “Great Content”?

written by Karl Binder | April 5, 2012

The SEO community has been in a state of flux for the last year, with Google updating their algorithms every five minutes, taking down blog networks (good riddance) and shaking things up constantly. All the old tricks and rules of thumb about link building, on page SEO, anchor text, directories etc are rapidly going out […]

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Why Your Checkout Sucks and Loses You Money

written by Karl Binder | January 19, 2012

A prospective customer has reached the point on your site where they’ve decided to buy, the items are in the basket ready to go. Getting the customer to this point has cost you money. Whether you’ve spent money on Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social media or other advertising or not, you’ve still spent time and money building […]

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MediaDog Hire

written by Karl Binder | March 14, 2011

In 2011 MediaDog launched their new hire service in Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. Along side their traditional broadcast and corporate DVD filming services they branched out into providing filming kit hire. The new website was launched and we were asked to handle the pay per click and search engine optimisation for the new service. Within […]

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Usability testing – making your website easier to use

written by Karl Binder | February 13, 2011

Just when you think you’ve made something idiot proof, someone goes and builds a better idiot. We know your visitors aren’t idiots, but if you make your site so a 5 year old can use it then your visitors will be able to do so without even thinking about it. You already know how to use your […]

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