internet search behaviour

Changing search behaviour is shrinking the internet

written by Damian Carvill | June 9, 2017

How good is your memory? If I asked you to think back 20 years to 1997, what comes to mind? Perhaps you remember Tiger Woods becoming the youngest winner of the Masters? How about Harry Potter first being published or watching Titanic at the movies? Or maybe you recall me starting University as a fresh-faced […]

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You have under 60 seconds to impress potential customers online

written by Momena Ibrahim | May 17, 2017

Ever wondered how long on average a viewer will spend on a webpage? According to research, it is less than a minute – 59 seconds to be exact. This may sound like an alarmingly short amount of time, but it could explain high bounce rates and low conversion for your website. Though the internet is […]

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How to select a web development agency

8 tips for choosing a web development agency

written by Damian Carvill | February 24, 2017

Three years ago, I had an extension built on the back of my house. I went through the usual process of getting quotes from a selection of builders and then chose one that was competitive and who I liked. Easy peasy lemonade. But everyone I knew who had gone through the same process told me […]

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2 more striking internet facts (apart from the sex): research online, purchase offline

written by Ed Genochio | March 28, 2012

In addition to the important discovery that the internet is better than sex, there are a couple of other eye-catching factoids in last week’s BCG report on the internet economy. 1. In the UK in 2010, 13.5% of all retail sales were made online. This is projected to reach 23% by 2015. 2. In the […]

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Working with Toye, Kenning and Spencer in Birmingham

written by Karl Binder | May 1, 2010

Everyone at Adhere is over the moon that we’re about to begin work with Toye, Kenning and Spencer on their new ecommerce website(s). “Toye craftsmen have created exceptional identity products for civil and military markets since 1685. The firm has grown and diversified but the original values are unchanged – superb craft skills, quality and […]

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Carphone Warehouse’s Connectmycar on Magento Ecommerce Website

written by Karl Binder | January 9, 2010

Ready to be launched this coming week is our new ecommerce website for Carphone Warehouse’s Car Accessories site ‘Connect My Car’. The old site was built on a now outdated Drupal 5 with OS Commerce. We had the options to upgrade to Drupal 6 with Ubercart or Magento, and between us we opted for using […]

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