2 more striking internet facts (apart from the sex): research online, purchase offline

written by Ed Genochio | March 28, 2012

In addition to the important discovery that the internet is better than sex, there are a couple of other eye-catching factoids in last week’s BCG report on the internet economy. 1. In the UK in 2010, 13.5% of all retail sales were made online. This is projected to reach 23% by 2015. 2. In the […]

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eBay Blackthorne

written by Karl Binder | January 6, 2012

At the end of last year we were approached to help a client with managing their eBay presence, normally we wouldn’t get involved with setting up ebay stores and the like but this one was interesting. Our client wanted to list over 300,000 products on eBay so clearly manually listing products wasn’t an option and […]

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