wordpress vs drupal 2017

WordPress vs Drupal in 2017

written by Laurie Calcutt | February 2, 2017

The battle between the content management systems will hit fever pitch in 2017, or will at least mildly heat up as much as a CMS battle can. The two most popular systems are undoubtedly WordPress and Drupal. But which one will take number one spot this year, and which should you be using for your […]

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Usability testing – making your website easier to use

written by Karl Binder | February 13, 2011

Just when you think you’ve made something idiot proof, someone goes and builds a better idiot. We know your visitors aren’t idiots, but if you make your site so a 5 year old can use it then your visitors will be able to do so without even thinking about it. You already know how to use your […]

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Content Management Systems

written by Karl Binder | March 11, 2010

What is content management? Content management is a method of controlling content on a website from within a database. This allows content to be separated from the HTML code that makes up web pages altogether, this in turn allows you to change the design without editing content and allows you to reuse content in multiple […]

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Letisha and Charlene Education Awards Web Design

written by Karl Binder | November 28, 2009

We recently created this simple CMS website to be managed by the Letisha and Charlene Education Awards. Built on Drupal CMS with a simple theme enabling the Committee to update all the site content themselves. Support by Birmingham Mail and the Birmingham Community Foundation. “The Awards were set up by the Letisha and Charlene Education […]

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Drupal Admin Theme

written by Karl Binder | July 11, 2009

The theming abilities of the Drupal CMS are in general very, very good. The ability to create custom tpl files for different content types, views and blocks is extremely useful and variables are easily passed into these templates. You can also setup individual tpl files for the editing pages, for adding or editing content using […]

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Why WordPress?

written by Karl Binder | July 4, 2009

Open source software has it’s pros and cons. Our CMS of choice at this time in 2009 is still generally is Drupal, especially for the larger sites, but WordPress has come a long way in the last few years, and although still ideal for it’s blogging roots, has now become a much more versatile CMS. […]

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CCK – Showing custom fields in a tpl.php

written by Karl Binder | May 24, 2009

The following snippets are to be used in Drupal theming tpl files to display custom fields. They work in node.tpl.php and node variations. You need to change the field name to match your CCK field: <?php print $node->content[‘body’][‘#value’];  ?> PRINTS THE NODE BODY/DESCRIPTION <?php print $node->content[‘sell_price’][‘#value’];  ?> PRINTS AN UBERCART SELL PRICE <?php echo $node->field_range[0][‘safe’]; […]

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