Document control is core to ISO 9001, and is common to the other management standards. Sunbird provides a bespoke document management structure that is built with ISO standards specifically in mind. This includes full issue and revision number management, version control, user permissions and classification levels. Hierarchical folder structures and easy to use search functionality enable to you effectively organise and retrieve documents and records.

The documents register is a list of all the documents you control. You’ll need one to keep track of all your management system documents and it helps you to know what needs to be reviewed. Sunbird also lets you add non controlled documents into the system should you need to keep documents in a folder that do not require controls.

The documents register

The document register is a list of every document the business uses as standards. It can include forms, letters, marketing flyers, information guides, fact sheets, promotional articles and so on. Sunbird’s document register shows retention period, classification level, document reference, name and version, as well as actions to view, edit and create a record from the controlled document. Obsolete documents can be shown or hidden within the register but are stored rather than deleted to meet ISO standards.

Audit Schedules

Internal audits are essential to ensure your company is complying with the standard.

The audit frequency is not specifically defined and must be based the risk you assign to certain areas of your business. New businesses process, or things that have changed recently or frequently should most likely be audited more frequently. Keeping an audit schedule helps ensure you stay on top of your internal auditing and gives you a platform to check you are complying without forgetting certain audits. An area with a history of non conformances should be audited more frequently.

Sunbird provides an easy to use interface for defining your annual audit schedule, and keeps you informed of when audits are approaching, due or overdue. Within the schedule you can tick off an attach relevant audit documentation so you have a well organised internal audit record.

Agendas and Minutes

To ensure that the management system and its effectiveness are reviewed planned meetings need to be had to review performance and address any issues. ISO standards say that review meetings should be held at planned intervals. These can be monthly, quarterly or annually. Sunbird enables you to create meeting Agendas and Minutes that are easily shared, reviewed and distributed.

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