The system can be easily white labelled to look and feel exactly like your brand or widgets can be supplied for easy insertion into your site. All clicks and subsequent transactions made through your site are tracked and reported via your PDHQ user login. The reporting system is cloud based and is available 24/7.

Additional integrations are available for providing sign up functionality and push weekly deal digest emails to your consumer base, if required.

What is a price drop?

It’s pretty simple. Every day we check the prices of thousands of products from loads of well known retailers on the web. If today’s price is lower than yesterday’s price we show it as a price drop on the site.

Price Drops are listed by percentage drop, with the largest discounts showing first. Products are displayed with a before and after price, the name of the retailer, an image, the title and the percentage the price has dropped. We list the best looking daily deals as featured, and categorise products for browsing by category. There is also a quick search to look for products that have dropped in price.

If a user is interested in the saving they click ‘See Deal’ and they are taken directly to the retailer’s website to purchase the deal.



PDHQ allows user created and managed content product widgets to be placed anywhere on your site. Widgets can be fully customised both visually and with filters to define which products appear, products can be filtered by type, price point, discount and retailer.

If you wanted a widget showing Asus laptops under £500 from Currys you could create it in just a few minutes.

The image on this page shows an example of how widgets could be integrated on PC Advisor.

Design and customisation

The PriceDrop system has been built with B2B partnerships in mind. The website is the consumer facing example of the technology, but the main focus behind it is the white label customisation that is available.

The system has been built with a hierarchical templating and theming structure that enables extremely granular customisation to ensure the functionality can be delivered to completely match your brand, and embedded within your site as to feel part of the existing site, rather than an ‘added on’ offering.

We work with our affiliate partners – such as Money Supermarket and – on an ongoing basis to ensure all white labels remain up to date with the latest changes in brand and themes.

Categories available

The PriceDropDonkey website, and its white labels, come with a wide selection of categories of products. From the retailer data feeds products are automatically categorised to provide users with an easy browsing experience.

If you want to have a white label site with only specific categories showing then please contact us. We can configure any white label to show which ever categories you want to list.

Installation and setup

There are a few different options for setting up a white label or set of widgets and the process in each case is quick and easy.

A full site white label can be set up on any domain or subdomain of your choosing. All sites are hosted by us so require no separate hosting at your end. We simply need a domain or subdomain URL pointing to our server and we will do the rest. We will provide a theme that matches your brand and existing website, then you will simply need to link to it. If you wish to have the site running in a subfolder of your main domain we can use a reverse proxy to load the site into that location.

Categories can also be customised. If you wish to only show price drops for products in specific categories then let us know which categories you are interested in and we will ensure the white label uses those categories only.

PriceDrop API/Feed

An API/Feed can be provided should you want to handle all the data and display yourselves. We would provide a URL which you can call which would be updated daily. Within that URL we would give you some variables so you can be specific on what you return. For example these could be:

  • Category IDs
  • Retailer IDs
  • Number of items
  • Percentage Drop range (10% and higher etc…)
  • Price range
  • £ price drop range (i.e. saving over £50)

This would then return you an XML/JSON/CSV file which you could work with and it would contain all the latest drops that meet your criteria.