MoneySuperMarket: Broadband Comparison

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MoneySuperMarket is easily one of Britain’s biggest price comparison services. Their aim is to be the online destination brand which customers look to first, to save and grow their money. Since 2010, JSP’s broadband services (now part of stickee) have helped MoneySuperMarket to meet the needs of their customer base.


In 2015, MoneySuperMarket wanted to give the Broadband site a makeover, introducing a new customer journey with a refreshed design and a fully responsive grid system which was being used on their other core channels. While the new designs and journey were impressive from a UX point of view, it wasn’t clear whether it would be the right approach commercially. We suggested that instead of a full channel redesign to launch straight away, MoneySuperMarket should look to approach the redesign in phases.


Each phase focused on a particular area of the channel that had been identified for improvement: Phase 1 was moving to a responsive layout and creating individual provider pages, Phase 2 was creating a hub for content with revised article templates, Phase 3 improved the filters and sorting tabs for the deals, Phase 4 was a redesign of the deal cards on the results page, Phase 5 was a redesign of the comparison tool to look at individual deals side-by-side and Phase 6 was the introduction of a Broadband package builder to help users find a custom solution.

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From June 2015 to May 2016, the Broadband channel has had a YoY revenue increase of around 29%, with visitor numbers steadily increasing (up around 35% when comparing May 2015 to May 2016).

This is an ongoing project and the results have been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of site metrics and performance but also as an approach for the business with regards to briefing and workflows. This has now created a standard approach and framework for successfully introducing changes to the site.


“I really enjoyed the process of rolling out our reboot shop projects in incremental steps. I found stickee to have expert knowledge testing and measuring the impact. They were really collaborative and professional to work with and we were really impressed as a business with the results!”

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