Using our widgets, you can drive additional revenue by quickly embedding relevant product offerings within your website’s existing pages and content. They are all fully customisable and mobile responsive, and save you investing time in building and developing your own functionality. And the best part? Each visitor that turns into a valid sale will earn you a percentage of the commission.

What's a widget?

Our Comparison Widgets are similar to our Affiliate White Labels, but offer a little bit more versatility and flexibility.

If you’ve got a website, blog, member portal, or anything else that has online visitors, you can ’embed’ one of our comparison widgets into your site to create additional and incremental revenue. You can leverage your current proposition and website content, and complement that with relevant and timely product recommendations.

Monetise your existing traffic

Each visitor that interacts with your widget and goes on to complete a purchase will earn you a percentage of the commission it generated. Making the most of your web traffic is key to every online business, and our current partners agree that our widgets help them to do this.

Using one of our widgets, you can continue to enjoy the high rankings you’ve attained through SEO and other marketing efforts by placing these widgets within your existing pages, retaining the equity in your own site.

Copy, paste, done!

Our widgets have been designed and engineered to be as simple to use as possible. It’s as easy as pasting some clever JavaScript snippets onto your page, or installing one of our plugins. The widget will automatically appear, and will update itself with the latest offers. Set it and forget it!

Flexible size & positioning

All of our widgets are mobile responsive so they can fit a wide variety of websites and the devices they are viewed on. We also know that screen real estate is precious. Your widget can be squeezed to fit into as much space as you’ve got. It can be placed wherever you need it to on the page.

Fully customisable

Our widget system offers full customisation, and allows publishers to insert colour schemes and fonts to ensure content units remain consistent with the styling of their website. This customisation means publishers can deliver a seamless experience to website visitors. Our widgets blend seamlessly into your website.

Mobiles, Broadband & Speed Checker

We offer affiliate widgets across two different markets: Mobile Phones and Broadband, Home Phone & TV. Visit our Comparison White Labels page to find out more.

We offer a Broadband Speed Checker service that you can embed within your site, to increase engagement and ultimately drive more revenue.

To see them in action, please see our demo pages:

Widget Demo Pages

Whole of market comparison

Whole of market comparison is essential to maintaining transparency, retaining reputation, and ensuring value for end users. Our comparison white labels, widgets and data feeds represent the whole market, and include all retailers and providers. We don’t exclude, demote or show less frequently based on any financial incentive for us. Our service is comprehensive and fair.

Full tracking & reporting suite

We take care of all the tracking and ensure you’re credited with orders that have been generated from your visitors. Our performance and reporting suite allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t. Make quick changes and increase revenue through insights that prompt action. Insights into how your traffic is performing will allow you to optimise your strategy to improve conversions. Our tools also let you dig deeper as well. When high level stats aren’t painting a clear picture, more granular analysis can cause prompt and effective action.

Want something more bespoke?

Our Data Feeds can give you more control over the look and user experience, and can improve the scope for customisation. Delivered via API, our feeds give you the raw data in a clean, consistent format, so you can build your own site around it. Find out more on our data feeds page.

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