White Labels

Turn your website visitors, traffic, customers or member base into an additional, incremental revenue stream. All whilst helping them save money! Each visitor that turns into a valid sale will earn you a percentage of the commission.

Our Affiliate White Labels are super quick to set up and can be ready for you to use and drive traffic to within a matter of days. They are customisable, so they fit your needs, colour schemes, and are branded with your logo. You can begin driving additional revenue almost immediately.

If you would rather embed a comparison experience via a widget into a page on your own site, head over to our section on widgets here.

In a hurry? Check out all you need to know about our White Labels and Widgets here.

Ready made websites

We provide white label websites ready for you to use and promote, right away. Nothing technical involved. We can skin the sites so they stay inline with your brand. We take care of the product feed integration and you’ll get access to the millions of mobile, broadband and other deals we have to offer.

Mobile optimised

Over 50% of web traffic is generated via mobile devices. So if you’re not mobile friendly, you are delivering a poor experience to a significant portion of the market. Our sites are mobile optimised out of the box, so you can drive traffic safe in the knowledge your customers will have a great web experience.

Our white label comparison options

We offer White Label solutions across three different markets:

Mobile Phone Comparison

Using our Mobile Phone Comparison White Label, your customers find the best price on a huge range of mobile phones. Every major mobile retailer has chosen to work with us, and the price your visitors would get directly are identical to what they will find via the White Labels. In fact, sometimes they are even better when we have a negotiated an exclusive offer for our partners. See an example of our Mobile White Label:

Mobile White Label Demo

Broadband, TV and Home Phone Comparison

About 20% of the UK is currently tied up in a Broadband contract, meaning they are probably overpaying and are free to switch whenever they want. Introducing broadband comparison is a brilliant way to help people save money, while simultaneously generating additional revenue for your business. Exclusive prices and offers negotiated on your behalf offer a great incentive for people to change broadband provider with you. See an example of our Broadband White Label:

Broadband White Label Demo

Pet Insurance Comparison

Pet Insurance is a regulated insurance product and is therefore perceived as a more complex offering than Broadband & Mobile. However, with our FCA authorisation and intelligent technology, our solution has made this process incredibly simple and straight forward, requiring absolutely no technical knowledge at your end. Offering insurance quotations requires the collection of customer data to determine quotes and prices. Our white labels handle all this, enabling you to offer pet insurance quotes from dozens of providers and earn a commission for each sale. See an example of our Pet Insurance White Label:

Pet Insurance White Label Demo

Whole of market comparison

Whole of market comparison is essential to maintain transparency, retain and build reputation, and ensure value for end users. Our comparison white labels, widgets and data feeds represent the whole market, and include all retailers and providers. We don’t exclude, demote or show less frequently based on any financial incentive for us. Our service is comprehensive and fair.

Full tracking & reporting suite

We take care of all the tracking and ensuring you’re credited with orders that have been generated from your visitors. Our performance and reporting suite allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. Make quick changes and increase revenue through insights that prompt action. Insights into how your traffic is performing will allow you to optimise your strategy to improve conversions. Our tools also let you dig deeper as well. When high level stats aren’t painting a clear picture, more granular analysis can cause prompt and effective action.

Want something more bespoke?

Our Data Feeds can give you more control over the look and user experience, and can improve the scope for customisation. Our feeds give you the raw data in a clean, consistent format, so you can build your own site around it. Find out more on our data feeds page.

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