Data Feeds

Our Data Feeds and APIs are at the core of our other affiliate and comparison solutions. We share these feeds with select partners, so they can build their own custom solution. This allows them to leverage the optimsations we’ve built into our feeds, our wide-reach, and the higher commissions we’ve negotiated for ourselves.

Feed optimisations for mobile & broadband

We work in partnership with a host of mobile retailers and broadband providers, combining their many feeds into one single one. We take millions of rows of data to match the dozens of often-conflicting data feeds, to provide one single, easy to integrate feed. We offer multiple feed delivery options, including APIs, as per partner requirements.


The last thing that publishers need are broken feeds. Our relationships with the many retailers and providers, and the value they place in us, means that any feed structure changes are made in consultation with us. Any pending changes, we get a heads up on, and can cater for. This translates into consistency for our partners. We can handle any changes before they cause a problem, and the result is a reliable, single feed for all of our partners.

Regular diagnostics

As a publisher, broken or irrelevant outbound links to retailers can cause loss of sales and revenue. Our work removes this concern; we perform regular checks against all of our links, ensuring they function as expected, and that the content on the partner site is relevant to the link.

Product data optimised for conversion

Comparison websites have one primary agenda: finding customers the best product or service, at the best price possible. However, presenting too many similar options can confuse customers. Those with experience working with retailers’ feeds know this first hand. We optimise our product data to present only the best, transparent deals to ensure your conversions will remain high. If it is unlikely to be purchased, our algorithms strip it out.

Broadband availability checker API

To best utilise our broadband data feeds, and to help drive visitors to conversion, it is useful to have access to a Broadband Availability Checker. This allows your visitors to do a lookup on their postcode, and for you to then exclude internet service providers (ISPs) who they would be unable to sign up with. Why show someone an offering for an ISP that they will be unable to sign up to? With our API, this is no longer a problem.

For more information on this tool and to obtain access to this service, please visit our Broadband Availability Checker API page.

Broadband speed checker service

Offering your visitors a speed checker service can increase conversion and incentivise engagement, ultimately increasing revenue for you.

Find out more about this service by visiting our Broadband Speed Checker page.

Want a quicker solution?

Our data feeds offer better customisation and maximum control for those that are willing to invest the time to develop and build their own site around the data.

If you want a solution that is much quicker to implement, you may want to check out our Comparison White Label or Comparison Widgets and Plugins solutions.

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